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  • How much is the class?
    • Monthly Tuition is 70$ a month from September to April • Registration fee: $50 due upon registration covers the Disney script, rehearsal cd and Studio Kids t-shirt. • Performance fee is due in March: $60 covers venue, costume rental, makeup and sets • Students tuition must be paid in full in order to perform in the recital. • There is a 10% discount for paying tuition in full at the beginning of the season • Studio Kids accepts debit and credit cards and Paypal.
  • What is a materials fee?
    This is a fee collected separately to maintain the high quality of our program. This fee covers the rights to Disney scripts as well as a physical script from MTI and a Studio Kids t-shirt.
  • What is the Performance fee?
    The performance fee covers the venue rental, costume rental, makeup, props, and sets. The performance fee is due in January and must be paid in order for your student to preform.
  • What do the kids learn in your classes?
    The first half of the year is focused on learning the songs and dances for our yearly show along with learing the basics of theater via fun acting games and activities. In January students receive thier part in the play and we begin running classes like a rehearsal by blocking scenes and putting the show together. Students will learn basic skills in acting, singing and dancing.
  • How do you decide what part my child will get?
    A core philosophy of Studio Kids is our dedicated interest in giving each student an opportunity to shine, rather than creating a specific lead. Because of this, we don’t hold auditions. Instead, we get to know each child’s strengths through theater games and ensemble numbers the first few weeks of class, and then assign parts after careful observation.
  • Can I pay via the phone or write a check?
    Yes. We welcome payments via check or phone with Studio Kids for tuition, materials fees, buying a DVD, or other instances. To pay any of these by phone, call us at 801.706.8021 You can also send a check with your student to class. If you choose to mail a check please mail checks to: Studio Kids 14667 Alpine Peak Drive Draper, Utah 84020
  • Who can attend the performances and is there a cost?
    Anyone may attend the evening performances of the show—the more the merrier! Admission is free. Feel free to invite family and friends but simply be aware that space may be limited.
  • My child needs to miss a class, what should I do?"
    When you know in advance that your child will be absent, please notify his/her teacher either by phone or email. If you can’t locate contact info for the teacher, you may email your child’s information to Be aware that we are unable to give refunds for any classes that are missed. Please note that all dress rehearsals and performances are mandatory.
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